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                                 FAQs on Volunteering for the Albanian Alps Institute

  • How much does it cost?  $600 for two weeks, $900 for a month

  • What do my fees cover?  Transportation from and to the international airport and room and board, plus supplies.

  • How much additional money will I need?  Very little. You will need some money for small items like bus fare into the city, chocolate or other comfort food and souvenirs.

  • Where will I stay?  AAI will place you in a home where someone speaks English.

  • Who pays for airfare? The volunteer is responsible for airfare.

  • When do I go?  Typically summer. Steve Cook, AAI President is usually there for three weeks in June/July. But AAI has a professional on the ground to accommodate volunteers at other times.

  • How long do I stay? At least two weeks. Most volunteers stay three or four weeks. 

  • Is there cell phone coverage? Yes. Connection to the internet via cell phone is available as well as skyping possibilities.

  • What will I do? AAI seeks individuals to teach conversational English to elementary and high school aged students. The students have some English training and teaching is done in  English. AAI also seeks volunteers who have art or music skills. AAI pays for all supplies.

  • Is there a teaching packet? No. Volunteers develop their own teaching materials. AAI pays for supplies. There is a wealth of teaching materials on the web, and AAI can help you out with organization.

  • Where will I teach? AAI has access to village schools. Usually volunteers go to Boga/Xhaj and/or Vrithi. We now also are working with Tamara school in Kelmend, a beautiful valley. We work closely with School Directors. There are homes in these villages that have hosted volunteers before.

  • How many students will I have? Attendance is voluntary for students so the number who show up on any given day varies. But, we will divide the students into at least two groups - elementary and high school. Class size is typically less than fifteen.

  • How much will I teach? There is little else to do in the villages, so most volunteers have two classes per day, six days per week.

  • Will there possibilities to do some sightseeing? Yes. Locals usually offer to take volunteers to see the sights, to the sea for swimming, etc. If Steve Cook is there, he can take active volunteers on some of his favorite hikes. In 2017 we took a weekend to visit Ulqin, Montenegro on the Adriatic Sea.

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