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AAI focuses its energies in five distinct areas. 

1. Scholarships 

AAI supports 5-10 university students each year. We are very strict,  only giving full scholarships to students that maintain 7/10 scores in all classes. For very promising students, we sometimes provide more support. 

From the time that Steve first went to Albania, he has worked with parents to send their girls to high school and university. Now after thirty years, there are many female role models for girls (and examples for their parents), so there is less resistance to send girls to high school and university. AAI scholarships have been the deciding factor for many of these students. We are exceedingly proud of our girls that have completed university.


2. Establish lending libraries in the five schools of the Shkrel School District and four schools in Kelmend School Districts

In 2002 when the Albanian Alps Institute was established, there were essentially no library books in any of the 11 schools in the Shkrel School District in Malesia e Madhe. Steve first took books to Boga in the winter of 2001. In recent years, the number of students has decreased and schools consolidated, so we have expanded our area of operation to include Kelmend School District, also in Malesia e Madhe. We are supplying books to  seven schools: Dedaj, Vrith, and Bratosh in Shkrel; Tamare, Vukel, and Selce in Kelmend. We give the librarians $30/month to buy books, their choice.

3. AAI Supported kindergartens

We buy supplies ($200/year) for kindergartens in Boge, Dedaj, Vrith, Bratosh, Tamare, Selce, and Vukel. And pay for teachers in Boge and Vrith. AAI provides the only supplies for these kindergartens.

4. English Teacher

Aleks Ulaj, AAI English teacher has been with us since 2004. He now has classes in Vrith. He is integral to our mission. In competitions, his English students outperform those with state school teachers.

4. Internet and Electricity.

AAI pays for internet connections in both Vrith and Bratosh. We also pay for electricity in Vrith.

5. Volunteer Program


AAI has opportunities for volunteers to teach conversational English, art, and/or music. Volunteers usually go for two to four weeks and plan their own schedule for teaching. AAI makes arrangements including transportation to and from the airport, placement with a host family and access to the school. Click here for more information. AAI charges no fee to volunteer for us, unlike nearly all other “volunteer” opportunities.

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